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  • Black Power The Politics of Liberation Ture Hamilton
  • You are looking at a copy of Black Power The Politics of Liberation.
  • By Kwame Ture and Charles V. Hamilton Back
  • Title: Black Power - The Politics of Liberation
  • Author: Kwame Ture Stokely Carmichael and Charles V. Hamilton
  • ISBN #: 0-679-74313-8
  • Format: Soft Cover
  • Printing: 1992
  • Copyright Date: 1967
  • Publisher: Vintage Books

Back cover excerpt:

In 1967, this revolutionary work defined a phrase that had become a central part of the Civil Rights vocabulary.  In Black Power, Stokely Carmichael and Charles V. Hamilton exposed the depths of systemic racism in this country and provided a viable political framework for reform.  African-Americans could no longer afford to believe that their liberation would come through traditional political processes: true and lasting social change would only be accomplished through their unity and independence from the pre-existing order.

While the past twenty-five years have been witness to many changes, the book continues to be of immediate and vital relevance to the racial climate today.  In two new afterwords - one by Kwame Ture(Stokely Carmichael) and one by Charles Hamilton - the authors offer unflinching assessments of the tenets of Black Power as thy have or have not been realized and reassert the urgency of addressing the liberation struggles of Africans all over the world.

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